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Perfect training for honing your goal keeper skills! My daughter received personalized training for the specific areas she needed to work on. The training was organized and challenging. The staff provided valuable feedback before, during, and after the training. If you're looking for something extra, this is a great place to start!

Kim, parent

So I took my son Preston to every session of the pre high school try out training. I will say that TIP was extremely professional in the way this camp was run. The keepers were taught proper warm ups and stretching, exercises and working with their teams. I was impressed with the fact there was very very little down time for the keepers due to the coaches doing round robin training. My son told me he enjoyed the hard workouts while learning the position better. The TIP staff also took game footage from Professional games and watched the keepers and went through how the keepers are running the defense to their positioning and how well they did stopping the shot(s). I truly believe that this training for my son was the reason he made the high school team as a freshman. I will also say he has had some varsity time already as a freshman!! I will definitely be putting Preston in any of the trainings that TIP is offering. It is the greatest learning experience for my son and he absolutely loved it! So TIP, Bring on the training!!

Craig, parent

I was so excited to go to every training session! It was not the same old thing every session. The training was awesome and helped to push me to improve and learn the game of keeping. I learned every session and was pushed to be better every time. The TIP guys are awesome and made the training competitive and way fun.

Preston, freshman goalkeeper

This training by far was the best one I've been to! This one was limited to my age so we could get the right training, the coaches who run it are phenomenal they pushed us to our best which was such a big help. Also the part going over the tactical side of the game too helped a ton. Sitting us down and showing us the tactical side helped a ton, we learned so much by watching the pros. No other camp did this for us. The numbers were great too so we could get a more personalized training. I just wanna say thank you to all of the coaches there who helped me. 

Josh, U18 keeper

My 15-year-old son was looking for an opportunity to sharpen his goalkeeping skills before high school tryouts, and we were fortunate to find TIP goalkeeper training. The training itself was phenomenal and the best value out there. The keeper to trainer ratio was the best I’ve ever seen, and the instruction was customized and tailored to each participant. The camp was by far the best money we have ever spent on training. The trainers are invested in the participants and truly care about helping them perform to their potential. During tryouts my son had a little bump in the road and needed some advice and a pep talk. I reached out to Brian even after the training had concluded, and he quickly responded with advice and a boost that I truly believe was the difference for my son. On top of that, the discount we received as a participant in the training at a local sporting goods store nearly paid for the camp. I would unreservedly recommend TIP goalkeeper training to any keeper of any skill level who wants to improve their game and find an invaluable support system.

-Jodee Egbert, parent

These goalkeeper trainings have been a great experience for our son. He loves going and feels like he is learning new things. I can tell he feels more confident in games too. I’ve been very impressed with how sessions run, with warmups and specific drills and then gamelike practice. You can tell that the coaches have a specific plan for the training. Brian and Cole are easy to work with and will train right along with the kids. We can’t wait for spring sessions to start!

-Kellie, parent

I really like coming to TIP goalkeeper training. Brian and Cole work me really hard but also make it fun and interesting. I like that they make the drills realistic to game situations.

-Patrick, U13 keeper

My daughter is a 14 year old comp soccer player looking to elevate her game. She's been a goalie for the past several years. We were looking for a goalie trainer. The head coach of Bountiful High Soccer recommended Brian so we gave him a shot. I observed Brian's sessions and found them to be very instructional, disciplined, and motivational. The 1 on 1 instruction was far better than group training because Brian was able to tailor the training to my daughter's growth areas. Grace liked Brian and wanted to work hard for him. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian.

-Scott Ellenson, parent

Brian, from Tip Goalkeeping, worked with my 13 year old son for several months during the fall competition season. Brian not only taught him useful skills to use as keeper, but helped generate excitement for the position. Brian kept the kids engaged throughout the session and was able to work with their varied skill levels and still provide something challenging for each individual player. I highly recommend Brian as a goal keeper trainer.

-Kerri Kingston, parent

Brian has the experience and technical competence few other trainers possess. His ability to communicate, his patience, and love for the game make him an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Brian!

-Paul Campbell, Director/Performance Specialist at CAMP, high school and club coach, past player for Pan World FC

Tip Goalkeeping, Brian Simmons and his staff, have been foundational in the growth of the keepers within our club MetaSport FC. The keepers have been a great basis in which to grow as keepers as Brian and his staff understand the needs and aspects of our keepers at whatever age and level they are at. Focusing on the individual keeper and how to better help them grow in the technique and tactical awareness has been instrumental in their growth not only keepers but as field players. Both players and parents have raved about the instruction and training they have given them. Some keepers who were hesitant in going to keeper training before they have become involved with the club, see it as the highlight of their week. Parents have given specific feed back stating that their child is now more confident with the basics i.e. technique and are also better prepared on how to deal with both the successes and failures the role of keeper has within the game. I have known Brian for more than 12 years as a player and now in his role as a coach, and can find no better example of a leader and teacher of the game. His approach is positive and also he understands the long term vision of training keepers. He does not rush today’s results in order to rob the future and the keepers he has trained both for my teams and teams within the club have benefitted from his expertise and care for the individuals and the group. His experience of helping keepers at all levels and both genders has been noted within clubs and high schools and have benefitted tremendously from him and his staff being involved. I, without out any hesitation, highly recommend Tip Goalkeeping, Brian Simmons and his staff in improving the overall quality of goal keepers in a holistic manner and even better yet in creating the future leaders in goal keeping.

-Pete Tesch, MetaSport FC Staff Coach, Utah Tosh Select (ODP) Staff Coach